Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the week before break!

so by this time i thought i would of been a little further along in getting this class through the units. at this time i have all 4 staff in the class thru the intro unit and one IA thru unit 1. This is the one class that has 2 naive computer users that make the process go much slower. i have had to sit down with both and give a lot more input and direction on how to navigate thru the unit. the coaching piece at the end is taking much more time as well and that doesn't always fly with the teacher to have 2 staff out when she is still trying to teach the class. i see that some participate really need to time to talk and need to give examples of what they have seen in the online unit and how it looks like the class. the next piece is help them implement what they learned with the kids in their class. video taping of them working with the kids comes in unit 3. this use of technology really gives an opportunity to self assess their own skills.

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  1. Hello,
    I know at times it may be a bit frustrating that students are not learning at the same pace. I would reccommend that with technology you take it slow if students are not grasping. It is better that they learn a little and proficently, than intake alot of information and not learn anything. In the end, if this occurs students will not become proficient in anything and they will be at a great loss. I hope everything works out with your project and students learn alot. It seems that this project will enhance students knowledge with certain subject matters. I wish that you have a sucessful project!