Friday, October 16, 2009

so we are here in class trying to trouble shoot our blogging. the one thing i do know is how to blog on my own page! and apparently i've also been commenting to myself!!! lol! i wonder if any of my comments have made it to any of my classmates???? oops gotta go we are done here!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

computer virgin

today i got a little hands on lesson in the digital divide. you see, for my new job i am having to train 3 MCOE classes in Tucci Learning Solutions- Competent Learner Model. part of this is having instructional assistants participate in online units that involve reading text, watching videos, answer questions, saving information. Well today i went to get this one assistant on the computer and quickly realized this lady knew ZERO about computers! she was asking me how to turn the computer on? where was enter? how to scroll? and "Now where is my pointer??" Granted she was in her later sixties but she told me she had never been on the computer before. she has only seen her grand daughter play games on one. WOW! i needed to write out play by play steps just to get her to the website and logged in. For a moment there i actually felt like i was a pro at the computer!LOL
the whole experience really surprised me. i mean, you think everyone has had some access or experience with a computer by now. especially if you working in a classroom! but i guess not. i think this training process is going to be a long slow road!! i joked with her and told her by the end of the year we would have her banking and playing online poker from home!! HA-HA

where have you been techno???

Ahhh! ok i think i am finally getting a better understanding of how to do this blog stuff. i guess it would first be nice to get the 4 emails i have straight and which one to use for what. this whole time i have been viewing blogs and responding to some under a the wrong email address!!! no wonder i would never see what i had been blogging and it would always ask me to create a blog of my own!! i thought i already did that!so anyways im here now and hopefully i can now share my thoughts and comment as the true TECHNO! lol I guess now it just the challenge of finding the time to have non-disruptive computer time without my 18 month old and 5 year old wanting to get on my lap and help. its been tough getting back into the routine of work, school, getting homework done and juggling 2 small ones. i should of finished my masters back at Fresno state 12 years ago!!! technology has really come a long way since i was working on my BA. I was using a word processor and searching articles on data base NOT Internet. it seems that i am learning everything from the beginning. its the first for ilearn, getting articles thru the library, doing excel even that word doc. activity we did was a first. all this time the space bar was may friend. that was one activity i enjoyed and really learned something new that i will use later. thanks