Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the week before break!

so by this time i thought i would of been a little further along in getting this class through the units. at this time i have all 4 staff in the class thru the intro unit and one IA thru unit 1. This is the one class that has 2 naive computer users that make the process go much slower. i have had to sit down with both and give a lot more input and direction on how to navigate thru the unit. the coaching piece at the end is taking much more time as well and that doesn't always fly with the teacher to have 2 staff out when she is still trying to teach the class. i see that some participate really need to time to talk and need to give examples of what they have seen in the online unit and how it looks like the class. the next piece is help them implement what they learned with the kids in their class. video taping of them working with the kids comes in unit 3. this use of technology really gives an opportunity to self assess their own skills.

Friday, November 20, 2009

how is the project goin???

well im a little late in my blogs about my project but as of 2 weeks ago this is the hurdles i have incountered.
the a one major difficulty i came across in even getting this clm online course starting in these 3 classes is that the MCOE didn't want to buy the paper version of the course work, worksheet and binders that go along with the clm course of study. they expected me to go in a train without the handouts or to make the teachers and ia copy it themselves in using their own ink! AHH! like the teachers want to spent thier limited printing ink and paper on that!
well i spoke up! if you want me training and your telling my it's a priority then get the necessary supplies for me to do it! i stop trying to achieve my initial steps to get it up and running and 1 week later pooF!! the supplies have been order and will be here in a week.
money is tight! even for the basics. and yet even though MCOE has made the online training a priority they still hold back on the funds!! even when they ordered the curicullum they only ordered the copyrights to print it themselves. rather then have Tucci solutions copy and send it complete they wanted to do it themselves. Please!! just get it done! lets get it started!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the naive learner

tuesday!! another day to coach, implement, and teach a learning methodology thru technology. today i spent the entire day working with two instructional assistant on the CLM(competent learning model) course of study online. of course we had many little bumps along the way, such as getting the key just to unlock the door the computer lab, login id problems, passwords, and mouse difficultly. (the 3rd one finally worked) on top of all that i got a chance to work with one VERY naive computer user. Twice i needed to show her how the take the highlight off those words and where the return button was!!! She had a really hard time navigating her way through the web pages and 3 hours later she got through the last 12 pages of the course work! WOOAHH! i was glad that was over with..... until next tuesday;) the second gentlemen got right on and complete 28 pages in 1hour 15 minutes. now thats better! i really hope this basic computer stuff will get firmed up by the end of this month. i think she will really need some more time on the computer then the 3 hours on tuesday when im there. i think if she get a little time over the 5 day work week she will get more comfortable and will feel more at ease!