Friday, November 20, 2009

how is the project goin???

well im a little late in my blogs about my project but as of 2 weeks ago this is the hurdles i have incountered.
the a one major difficulty i came across in even getting this clm online course starting in these 3 classes is that the MCOE didn't want to buy the paper version of the course work, worksheet and binders that go along with the clm course of study. they expected me to go in a train without the handouts or to make the teachers and ia copy it themselves in using their own ink! AHH! like the teachers want to spent thier limited printing ink and paper on that!
well i spoke up! if you want me training and your telling my it's a priority then get the necessary supplies for me to do it! i stop trying to achieve my initial steps to get it up and running and 1 week later pooF!! the supplies have been order and will be here in a week.
money is tight! even for the basics. and yet even though MCOE has made the online training a priority they still hold back on the funds!! even when they ordered the curicullum they only ordered the copyrights to print it themselves. rather then have Tucci solutions copy and send it complete they wanted to do it themselves. Please!! just get it done! lets get it started!!!

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