Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the naive learner

tuesday!! another day to coach, implement, and teach a learning methodology thru technology. today i spent the entire day working with two instructional assistant on the CLM(competent learning model) course of study online. of course we had many little bumps along the way, such as getting the key just to unlock the door the computer lab, login id problems, passwords, and mouse difficultly. (the 3rd one finally worked) on top of all that i got a chance to work with one VERY naive computer user. Twice i needed to show her how the take the highlight off those words and where the return button was!!! She had a really hard time navigating her way through the web pages and 3 hours later she got through the last 12 pages of the course work! WOOAHH! i was glad that was over with..... until next tuesday;) the second gentlemen got right on and complete 28 pages in 1hour 15 minutes. now thats better! i really hope this basic computer stuff will get firmed up by the end of this month. i think she will really need some more time on the computer then the 3 hours on tuesday when im there. i think if she get a little time over the 5 day work week she will get more comfortable and will feel more at ease!

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  1. Hi Patty,
    I can sympathize with you when it comes to technology. It can become a bit frustrating when people are unaware of the computer, but just know that they feel uneasy as well. If you are annoyed and frustrated just imagine how they feel. I often have these types of experiences with many of my students but, I take a step back and breath and say it’s going to be ok I am here to help them and make them feel more comfortable with the computer. I hope that your experience the next time around will be a bit more pleasant. Do they offer any type of training at your school? Perhaps this would make it a bit easier for you to navigate while in the computer room. Believe me with time things will become a little easier or at least I hope it well.