Wednesday, October 14, 2009

where have you been techno???

Ahhh! ok i think i am finally getting a better understanding of how to do this blog stuff. i guess it would first be nice to get the 4 emails i have straight and which one to use for what. this whole time i have been viewing blogs and responding to some under a the wrong email address!!! no wonder i would never see what i had been blogging and it would always ask me to create a blog of my own!! i thought i already did that!so anyways im here now and hopefully i can now share my thoughts and comment as the true TECHNO! lol I guess now it just the challenge of finding the time to have non-disruptive computer time without my 18 month old and 5 year old wanting to get on my lap and help. its been tough getting back into the routine of work, school, getting homework done and juggling 2 small ones. i should of finished my masters back at Fresno state 12 years ago!!! technology has really come a long way since i was working on my BA. I was using a word processor and searching articles on data base NOT Internet. it seems that i am learning everything from the beginning. its the first for ilearn, getting articles thru the library, doing excel even that word doc. activity we did was a first. all this time the space bar was may friend. that was one activity i enjoyed and really learned something new that i will use later. thanks

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  1. Welcome to the wide world of technology! So glad you feel more comfortable with this blogging set. It was new to me too! I kinda enjoy blogging, if the truth be told. It gives you a place to vent your week.